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ShadowBox is our flagship fitness class that combines a carefully crafted boxing-inspired workout with our exclusive shock-absorbing aqua bags. You’ll work your entire body as you punch, crunch and sweat your way through our empowering, high-paced, multi round workouts that offer HIIT (Hight Intensity Interval Training), MET-CON (Metabolic Conditioning) and the benefits of cardio amongst several different circuits.
We are on a mission to find your inner BADASS!
Our gym is unlike no other. The lights go down revealing our unique lighting system that creates a high-energy environment. Coupled with our nightclub quality sound system, you’ll be sweating to the beat.

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We’re bringing you the attitude of Cardi B and an exercise to match. Focusing on specific muscle groups combined with 8 rounds of boxing mixed with Tabata. Condition the body to feel strong working the fundamentals you need to get fighting fit!



Think you are gangster ENOUGH? Then we challenge you to 12 rounds! Switching from explosive boxing bag rounds to body weight floor exercises, this high intensity session will have you wanting MORE! Surround yourself with the best in the ultimate cardio workout.



You better bring your ‘A game’for this. When we think KANYE we think OUT THERE! Electric energy and pumping tunes, 16 rounds, high tempo and heart pumping. Utilizing everything you have learnt we put it all together for a workout like no other. Be fearless when you hit the bags, be aggressive when you hit the runners, be RELENTLESS!


1 on 1 Personal Training

Ask about our 1 on 1 personal training sessions. A more personalised approach working specifically with just you and our professional coaches.

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