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Glove Tip

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Glove Tip green-tick-shadowboxhq

Are you wearing the right gloves? boxing-gloves-shadowboxhq

AVOID CHEAP BOXING GLOVES. stop-sign-shadowbox-hq

For a beginner who knows nothing about boxing gloves, it's pretty common to just look for the best deal or the cheapest pair of boxing gloves, especially if you aren't sure how long you want to stick with it.

Unfortunately as the old saying goes 'you get what you pay for' rings true here, and from our experience the cheapest gloves you tend to find in sporting stores (usually the lower end title, Everlast or Lonsdale gloves) are often terribly made with no real protection or support whatsoever. One pair of Everlast gloves we have seen held the knuckles at a bad angle and had ridiculously flimsy wrist support which worries me that it could make injuries more likely.

Our ShadowBox gloves are custom designed for premium support. I spent several months testing leading overseas suppliers to make sure we had the highest of quality gloves on the market.

The padding and shape of the knuckles allows complete comfort combined with a fitted wrist support.

Hitting our shock absorbing aqua bags should almost feel like hitting a pillow. Even with a heavy punch!

For most that have trained with me for sometime now know, I am big on training for longevity. Injury prevention and sustainability is a key factor to an enjoyable fitness journey.

Train for life.

Our SBHQ gloves retail for $59.99 with 3 sizes to choose from. If you need any more assistance or you are unsure if your gloves are the right choice for our style of training, speak to one of your trainers.

Glove Tip
Jul 5, 2020

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